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The Excellentway SocietyTM Is Dedicated To Advancing The Idea Of Excellence, Producing Some Exceptional Products,    And Offering Training, Consultation, And Membership, That Can Help To Make You, All Of Us, And The World In General,                                                                              A More Excellent Place!                                                                               

             No Part Of This Site May Be Reproduced In Any Way, Shape, Manner, Or Form Without Written Permission.                                         We Are A Business With An Enlightened Philosophy To, "Try To Be Excellent!™"                                   

                                We Work From A Single Location In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.  Thank You!                                        

Have An Excellent Day!  (c) 2000-2024 Hawk * This Site Updated And Accurate As Of:  6/1/2024 * All Rights Reserved * 

The Full Story

The Excellentway SocietyTM is a business with an enlightened philosophy!

It started in the year 2000. 

The founder was convinced that he could do three things; 

Offer an excellent philosophy encouraging the world to be more excellent. 

Provide some excellent products and services.

Perform research and development to find ways to help save the planet. 







The Mission Of The Excellentway SocietyTM:




- Encourage the idea of excellence !

- Encourage each person or business to Try To Be Excellent!

- Find, Create, And Provide Excellent items that can help you to keep a more excellent life.

- Create projects that may help the world to be a better and more excellent place.

- Reward and honor those who have performed excellent deeds !




Our Vision

A more excellent world created by persons trying harder to meet honorable goals.

One Excellent World

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