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  • * Isn't everybody trying to be excellent?
    No, not really. Most people just ride along working on their day to day problems and trying to find a nice place to rest! LOL! Excellence almost always requires a struggle to get there, it often takes more time and effort, focus, and intensity, but the reward, we think, is worth the effort! Many of us don't even think about doing it better than it has to be, because we are often trained by example that just doing the good enough, is good enough. Often we feel that it is not possible to do anything more excellent, than the good enough. We believe that we can help to make a more excellent world, by encouraging the idea of excellence! Consider, Resolve, Act! Fight the mediocre and the just good enough! Change your thinking, your view, and change the world! "Try To Be Excellent!™"
  • * What makes you qualified to talk about excellence?
    LOL! Nothing much at all! We don't pretend to be more astute or more qualified than anyone else, but we have been trying to encourage ourselves, and then anyone else who might want to listen, to have a more excellent life, and to contribute to creating a more excellent world.
  • * What's the big deal about being excellent? Why should I change?
    We believe that there should be an answer... Since the world seems to be more lazy, more involved with dope or alcohol, more indifferent to global problems of pollution, injustice, often seeming to love money, with more of the associated corruption, lies, and criminal activity, than honor or justice... Since people in general seem to be less interested in being clean, neat, organized, and seem more interested in being filthy, lazy, and without purpose... There should be an answer to these overwhelming sounds of stupidity and idiocy, the bad examples, the drugged up morons that we share the world with... The answer is, that: We should be, and we must be, more excellent, kinder and wiser, neater and more organized, cleaner and healthier, more compassionate, and yet stronger, smarter, more prepared, keeping a deeper resolve for the good, for justice, hope and hard work, not less! We should have more projects, should be more inventive, and should be trying to improve our world into a better place! We should be striving for more excellence, not less. We should "Keep An Excellentway!™," that has some little wisdom and a positive outlook to it! We must encourage the idea of excellence, truth, honor, and respect, to promote the best in mankind, instead of following the poor examples that constantly surround us. We must glorify the right and the good and deny those that deliberately hurt people for their own warped excuses. For the good of us all, let us not allow others to set our fates. Stand and be excellent, do the good and the right, the kind and the wise, despite the others, despite all odds! We stand with you!
  • * Do I need to be a member of The Excellentway Society™, to purchase items?
    No. Anyone may purchase items. Thank You!
  • * Are you a charity?
    No, we are a business with an enlightened philosophy. We believe that a single entity can promote a philosophy to "Try To Be Excellent!™", offer excellent products and services to help people, and also conduct research to help save the planet, and promote a better world! No refunds under any condition.
  • * What Question Do You Frequently Like To Ask?
    Our Favorite Question; "Are You Having An Excellent Day? Great! Otherwise, Perhaps Today Is Not Your Turn! Help Make It Excellent For Someone Else!" - Hawk
  • * How Can I Follow, Keep Informed, Or Get To Know More About The Excellentway Society?™
    1. Follow us on Kindle Vella, @ The Excellentway Society™ Story, presented one episode at a time, also including notes of the Hawk Detective Agency!™ Some little encouragement and enthusiasm, and methods of the excellent! The first 10 episodes are free! After that, a small Amazon Kindle Vella Token Fee is required to view additional episodes, at about $0.10 each, that you can purchase by various token bundles, at the end of the 10th episode. Go to: Or, select the "Follow Us" button below! 2. Subscribe below, and we may notify you of further news and updates of, The Excellentway Society™! Have an excellent day! H
  • * How Do I Become A Member, Take Training And Consultation, And Become More Excellent?
    Call Or Email Us And Apply For Membership. If you can be open and honest about yourself and your goals, perhaps we may help. You must be at least 18 years old, communicate in English, and be of honorable character. Give us about 5 days to consider your request. If accepted we will notify you and ask you to pay the fee and enter your information on the Products/Membership page. We start from there... Membership is limited, restricted by our ability to train and advise only so many people in so many hours, to our quality standards. We do not sacrifice quality for numbers, so please understand. You may re-apply every 10 days. Even without being a member, you may start to envision and act in more excellent ways, to have a more excellent life! Visit us here and be inspired! We Salute You For Your Efforts! Have An Excellent Day!
  • * What can I do to become more excellent?
    You can join the Excellentway Society™ of course, since becoming a member is most encouraging! Once You Awaken; Consider something excellent. Your excellent accomplishment of the day before, the project you completed in an excellent manner, something you created in word, thought, or deed, that was excellent. Concentrate on this and let it encourage you for a minute, set your mind, and set an Excellentway!™ Get Up and Have An Excellent Day! You can if you try! Or, Once You Have Decided To Try To Be Excellent!™: You can try to become an Excellentway Project Master!™ Your life nothing more than one project after another, tied together by time and the circumstances of the planet! Create one Excellent Project and work it into reality and some kind of excellent result. Then another project of excellence, and then another, and another... Eventually find yourself being an Excellentway Project Master™, working on 1000 or more excellent projects! Possibly use the Hawk Project Documentator™ to help organize, work, and archive your genius ideas. Help Make The World A Better Place, One Excellent Project After Another, And "Keep An Excellentway Ahead!™" You must simply: Attempt The Best Of You!™ Make an effort, make an attempt, to be the most excellent one possible, to dare to fail, to dare the insult and ridicule of new ideas, to improve your self, your immediate surroundings, and then the world around you! Good luck with that!
  • * Why does clean matter?
    Clean matters to everything! If you want to survive, you must be clean, to be healthy. To protect yourself and the people you love, they must be clean. You must be aware of clean, what it requires, and even demands, for your own survival and happiness, especially now during a germ war! The Excellentway Society(TM) encourages you to set up Lifetime Systems, to keep yourself, and your surroundings, to the highest standards of clean, using repeatable actions. A man or woman might be wealthy, but if their home, their office, is filthy, they lose our respect. A person might be successful in business, but if their car is filthy, littered with stray items, needing to be washed, they suddenly appear less than that. A beautiful woman may be almost perfect in every regard, but if she is not dedicated to the wisdom of clean, she misses the mark. Clean attracts respect and dignity about it, litter and the lack of attention to clean, demonstrates the opposite. You cannot be excellent unless you are also clean about it. Clean shows that you care about something, that you are organized, that you live by a higher standard, that you pay attention to the details, that you are trying harder, that you believe in the future, and that you have some hope about it! Whatever you do, wherever you are, be clean about it. Pick up after other people who are not as wise as you are, without trying to change them, since clean is an attitude, a choice, that they must make or decline on their own. Keep a beautiful Earth, every inch within your realm. Smile and wave to your friends further on, who join you in your quest for a better place, a better world. Keep a positive attitude, and make a routine out of fighting germs. Clean Everything, Clean All the Time, Then Enjoy The View!
  • * How Do You Start On The Impossible Of Some Excellent Idea?
    First You Must Truly Believe, And Find The Possibility There, That Some Way It Can Become Real, This Idea. Then Consider What Is The Smallest Of Things That Could Be Done To Start The Plan, The Path... Then Do The One Tiny Thing, One Little Step, Any Small Movement. Just The Smallest Of Things Whatever It Might Be, Like A Single Drop Of Rain... Start There!
  • * Can I Change?
    Not If You Doubt Yourself! The Goal Must Be More Valuable Than The Present. Not For Anyone Else, But For You. Then You Have All Ready Set The Path, With A Hope For The Possible, And The Impossible! Struggle As You Must, But Know This; Never Fight Yourself! Fight The Weather, Fight Others, Fight To Survive, Fight For The Impossible, But Always, Always, Be On Your Side! Proceed From There!
  • * How Do I Become An Excellentway Project Master?™
    As a member of The Excellentway Society™, you must dedicate yourself to having at least 1000 projects, each of which that you can work or consider at least once a month. You can spend one minute or a number of days on a specific project, but each must be considered in some deliberate manner, in the hope of an eventual successful completion, at least once every 30 days. The goal however, is not just to have a large number of projects that you point to and declare, "I have purpose!" LOL! Because it is not about the numbers and trying to impress yourself or others, but more about walking the world and considering all that is around you, and then forming a project attempt, an idea, a challenge, hope, or wisdom, that is something excellent, and greater than the typical or mundane. There must be something plainly excellent to it, in its attempt, or in its conclusion. An Excellentway Project Master™ must endeavor to be discerning, working projects that are something special, more worthy, more of a challenge, something greater than the typical chore, project, or work effort. In this way, even in failure, you attempt the best of you, all of you, reach for the magnificent, and may find yourself with an excellent life, building an excellent world, an Excellentway Project Master™! Of course, you may follow the wisdom of trying to become an Excellentway Project Master™, without being an Excellentway Society™ member, and we encourage you to do so! Help make the world and universe, a more excellent place! However, please only use our trademarks with our written permission. As a member, you would be further encouraged and supported, but even in passing, perhaps we may encourage you to have an excellent day! Keep An Excellentway Ahead!™
  • * Can You "Try To Be Excellent!™" As A Way Of Life?
    Of Course! You may apply the idea of excellence to every part of your life, personal and business, and why wouldn't you? LOL! You are probably proud of who you are and the excellence in your life all ready! You can make more of a dedicated effort, design a better plan with more insight, work harder on those things most important to you, and be more hopeful and more successful than ever! You are a part of the universe, the world of past things and the world now before you. Keep to an excellent path and "Keep An Excellentway Ahead™!" The world is yours, don't mess it up, but help to keep it something hopeful, beautiful, and excellent! We salute your efforts! Have a nice time at the beach...
  • * Who Can Be Excellent?
    Almost Anyone, Of Course! Like Most Goals, The Will And Desire, The Enthusiasm And Dedication, Forms The Path And The Goal! Perhaps Some Are More Handicapped Than Others, But No Matter! Excellence Is A Way Of Trying, Trying Harder, And Then Trying Some More, Not Giving Up, And Eventually Succeeding At The Least, Of Trying To Be Excellent!™ Excellent Idea! Move Your Goals, Move Yourself, As Your World Follows Your Thinking, To Things More Excellent! Create The Best Kind Of World Around You, The Most Excellent, And Then Make It Excellent For The Others Closest To You, And Then For All The World! Don't Just Do Things, But Make A More Excellent Person, Place, Or Thing, Possible! Keep An Excellentway Ahead!™
  • * How Can I, "Try To Be Excellent?™"
    Your will and desire form the future, whether you are aware of it or not! You first accept the world as it is. Then look at your self and everything else around you, and make a plan about how it might be even more excellent than it is now. You adopt the idea, then consider a possible plan, a possible Excellentway™ to make the world a better place, resolve to do what it takes, then carefully step by step fulfill your project! Voila! Something excellent! It may be finishing an old project. Taking care of details. Going further and wider than at first. Expanding on something small to something much larger. Discovering something new. Correcting a mistake or a bundle of mistakes. Starting a new project. Giving the world what you know instead of keeping it to yourself. Preserving the important. Etc. There is an endless and infinite supply of Excellent Ways, to improve and make your life and the world around you, a better place, a more excellent place! Start there! ALMOST, ANYWHERE !!!!
  • * What Does It Mean If You Sent Me An Honorary Membership Code Reference Number?
    In All The World, Some Think, Some Plan, Some Do, and then there are some people who go all out, and Try To Be Excellent!™ about it! It means that we think you are engaged in the excellent, that you are working excellent projects, and that you are Trying To Be Excellent™ in one way or another... and we would be honored if you were a part of The Excellentway Society!™ We will consider your honorary membership if you provide the Excellentway Society™ Code Reference Number, that we sent you. Go to All Products/Membership Page, enter your Code Reference Number and basic information, pay the Custom Membership Fee $1.00, and we will get back to you within 3 days! Thanks! Have An Excellent Day!
  • * How Do I Know If It Would Be Something Really Excellent?
    Easy. Just compare your idea to everything else! Would that be excellent compared to this and that and those over there, or compared to the nothing at all that exists at this time? It should take more time and effort, some dedicated persistence, and probably be too expensive to even attempt... And you know you're on the right track! LOL! Don't give up! Imagine The Good, Then Demand The Excellent!™
  • * So, we should Try To Be Excellent™, kinder and wiser, dedicated to the good, a more excellent world, try harder, attempt the impossible, somehow be cleaner and neater, more organized, have more projects, and generally, lift ourselves up to a more excellent place in the universe, anything else?
    Yes! Smile At The World ! After all, this is a wonderful world we have here, and you are trying to make it something even more excellent! Enjoy your efforts! Enjoy the view! Have an excellent time!
  • * Question For You, Guest To This Site:....................
    Have we encouraged or inspired you to think more about being excellent, to try harder to be more excellent, to attempt more excellent projects, or to do something excellent? YES! We hope! LOL! Have An Excellent Day! Don't give up, don't give in, but take the time and plan the way, to be more hopeful, dare the impossible, attempt the excellent, and Keep An Excellentway!™ Try To Be Excellent!™ - Hawk
  • * Other sites that you really like?
    Follow the story of The Excellentway Society™, episode by episode, for a small token fee after the first 10 free episodes, at Kindle Vella: Great Private Eye Site! For the Germ War, an excellent source of paper towels, 4 spray bottle cleaners and some tools in a bucket! For the Germ War, an excellent source of paper towels and dispenser you can easily install into an existing cabinet to dispense paper towels, up to 350 at a time, to make a cleaning station.
  • * Who would you invite to be an Honorary Member, if they might agree with the goals and intentions of the Excellentway Society?™
    Elon Musk Jake and Nicolle, Off Grid Colin Furze ? Who do you think is doing something excellent in the world, and should be acknowledged and invited to join The Excellentway Society?™


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