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DATE:              2000 To Present

PROJECT:       OnGoing Community Service By Hawk, Members Of The Excellentway Society™, Hawk Detective

                        Agency™, Mo's On Bluemound, Kellys, Others...

LOCATION:   52 Street and Bluemound Road To I-94 Freeway Along General Mitchell Boulevard Parkway, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.



On a continuing but occasional basis, mostly when needing the  attention, and as a Community Service, Hawk and The Excellentway Society™ help support the Milwaukee County Parks and the neighborhood at General Mitchell Boulevard Park. 

Sue, Patrick, and the other small but tenacious Milwaukee County Parks Group work tirelessly doing more with less to keep our parks beautiful!  We salute you for your efforts and remind you that you are appreciated! Thank You! 

The goal is to pick up litter, debris, keep the sewers clean, etc., and make the park picture perfect, improve it to an excellent view.

We may also put out some grease or oil absorbing medium as temporarily needed to absorb the mess left in the parking areas.

It is the year 2024, why do idiot people still litter and mess up beautiful places?  Doesn't matter!  We will be there one step behind them, picking up the crap.  Why?  Because excellence takes a little effort, requires some dedication to clean and neatness, requires a response!

Although Hawk has been literally doing it to some degree for more than 30 years, a more dedicated effort has been applied recently. 

Just as a single piece of litter may encourage more of the same abuse, a clean, neat and beautiful view, may also encourage most visitors, to keep it that way!  We have observed other visitors, dog walkers, etc., picking up litter and improving the area, Thank You! 

We try to apply a little Tender Loving Care, and keep an eye out watching over this beautiful little park and the general neighborhood. 

Good Job!  Looks Great! 





                         # 1011 AIR HEAT COOL SUB PROJECT

DATE:              2000 to ...

PROJECT:       Reduce Global Warming And Stop Pollution By New                          Method Of Producing Heat And Cold Without                                      Creating Greenhouse Gasses. 

LOCATION:   Hawk And The Excellentway SocietyTM,

                       Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53208



Since around the year 2000, Hawk has been working on a new method to eliminate the production of Greenhouse Gasses while still producing heat and cold using solar energy only.

This method might be used to heat and cool homes, and also outside areas, such as patios, backyards, driveway, sidewalks, and roadways, even in winter, such that a comfortable environment would be produced.

It could also be used for various other functions such as cleaning sidewalks of dirt and debri, etc.

By the way, as much as it is about efficiency, this can not be the overwhelming concern, since it is more important to stop global warming, even at the sake of other costs. 

Work moves slowly due to lack of funds, but we remain hopeful!




                        HAWK CITY # 1 WITH SUB PROJECTS

DATE:             2000 To ...

PROJECT:       Create A Strong Ultra Modern City And Live In A                                Balance With Nature.

LOCATION:   Hawk And The Excellentway SocietyTM,

                        Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53208



Since around the year 2000, Hawk has been working on an ultra modern Stainless Steel City, a response to the wisdom that we need to embrace the possible threats of the modern world and exist in a balance with nature at the same time.  Yet still possible.  See the book, "One Excellent Place, Design And Creation", by Hawk for further info.

The first of three cities are planned, possibly located in the Midwest USA, but not limited to this country due to lack of interest here.

Work moves slowly due to lack of funds, but we remain hopeful!




                        REWARD THE EXCELLENT!

DATE:             2000 To ...

PROJECT:       On Occasion, Reward the good or excellent                                  deeds or actions of a person!

LOCATION:   Hawk And The Excellentway SocietyTM,

                        Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53208

                        414/4764295 24 Hours



Although excellence is of course, it's own reward. The Excellentway Society™ may occasionally encourage, support, and recognize any person or persons who have performed some excellent act or deed:

       - With a small commendation of appreciation and support.

                           - With a small gift of some manner.


                               An ExWay Member Agent Is to: 


1.  Identify yourself as an agent from The Excellentway Society™

and determine if the Subject is the correct party.

2.  Notify them that;

"We think that was something excellent when you..."

3.  Announce that; "This is for you..." 

Handing them their commendation and envelope with gift inside.

4.  Salute the Subject, standing at attention and announce;

"We salute you for your Excellence!"

5.  Provide some little explanation if they are curious, and your ExWay Agent ID Tag and Drivers License to identify yourself if necessary.  

6.  These operations are only to be conducted as planned, organized and arranged by The Excellentway Society™ with prior approval, and the use of The Excellntway Society™ Black Master Briefcase with green ID Tag.

The goal is to surprise and delight the Subject without any warning or prior explanation if at all possible.

                                     THE EXCELLENTWAY SOCIETY™


Reach as far as you can with all that you can. Reach a little further than is possible, stretch to try and grasp that world just beyond your reach. Keep a good hopeful spirit, try to encourage yourself!  Believe in yourself, that you have the power to make things better, to create better worlds, to help others around you, to be extraordinary! And you will! Keep to the plan!  Life is nothing more than one project after another, all mixed together by your experience... 
Can Plan, Design, And Make Your World, Something Excellent! 

1/  Are you working the excellent?  Is your project, are your efforts, contributing to the excellent?  If not, get on it, work the project that is something excellent!  Let the others work the small and mundane, the normal and uninspired. 
                                                                               You, Must Engage The Excellence!

2/  Can you expand on your excellent projects?  It may be possible to engage in multiple excellent projects all at the same time...
                                                                               You, Can Expand On The Excellent!

3/  Are you going with your strengths, or spending your time working on 
your weaknesses?  You can do both, but extend and increase your strengths, use the abilities you now own, to deny the impossible!  Use your confident and powerful nature to change the world into something more excellent!                 You, Must Express Your Power!  

4/  Are you happy and proud of your world, and the world around you?  If not, you can start a project to change it, to make it more excellent, to be excellent about it!     You, Can Contribute To A More Excellent Place, World, Universe! 

                                                                                            Existo Praeclarus!
                                                                                                Be Excellent!

                                                                                         Have An Excellent Day!    


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