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For any honorable business, up to 10 persons as a group, who may be dedicated hereby to the pursuit of excellence, for one year.  


You May Call Or Email Us And Apply For Membership.

If the group can be open and honest about themselves and their goals, perhaps we may help. You must be at least 18 years old, communicate in English, and be of honorable character.

Give us about 5 days to consider your request. If accepted we will notify you and ask you to pay the fee and enter your information on the Products/Membership page.

We start from there...

Membership is limited, restricted by our ability to train and advise only so many people in so many hours, to our quality standards. We do not sacrifice quality for numbers, so please understand. You may re-apply every 10 days.


Even without being a member, you may start to envision and act in more excellent ways, to have a more excellent life!


Visit us here and be inspired!

We Salute You For Your Efforts!

Have An Excellent Day!

02. Excellentway Society(TM), Business Membership, 1 Year

SKU: 0002
  • Membership requires an intense effort and dedicated commitment to a path of becoming more excellent.  We are not here to fix you, and we can't fix you, if you are broken. 

    However, we may provide a way, an excellentway(TM) to encourage you to be more excellent, and thus create a more excellent life, build a more excellent world around you, and keep an excellent attitude!

    The effort will focus on both the individual and the business as a group.  Membership goal is to become more excellent and perhaps the honorary designation "One Excellent One," and/or "One Excellent Business," based solely on our evaluation and estimation. 

    Since each person/business is unique, a custom strategy is employed and continueally tested for progress, to help encourage a more excellent personal and business life.  

    Each Member Receives: 

    • Membership Id Tag, To Acknowledge Membership
    • 3 Short Books, As Helpful Guides 
    • Weekly Email Hawk Talks/Conversations For 1 Year
    • Possible Opportunity To Participate In Reward Program And Deliver Excellentway(TM) Commendation Reward
    • Inspiration, Encouragement, Consultation On One Specific Project Of Choice Until Finished Or End Of Membership Year
    • Guide Assignments And Considerations May Be Custom Modified For Each Person's Unique Goals 
    • Goal Is To Make The Member More Aware Of the Idea, Possibililties, And Application And Implementation Of A More Excellentway(TM) To View The World, Live, and Contribute To Such A World  

The Excellentway SocietyTM Is Dedicated To Advancing The Idea Of Excellence, Producing Some Exceptional Products, And Offering Training, Consultation, And Membership, That Can Help To Make You, All Of Us, And The World In General, A More Excellent Place!  No Part Of This Site May Be Reproduced In Any Way, Shape, Manner, Or Form Without Written Permission.  We Are A Business With An Enlightened Philosophy To, "Try To Be Excellent!TM"  We Work From A Single Location In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.  Thank You!           Have An Excellent Day!  (c) 2000-2023 Hawk  * This Site Updated And Accurate As Of:  10/8/2023 * All Rights Reserved *

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