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This is a Custom Or Honorary Membership!


Some people think about it, some people dream about things, and some people go for it! They Try To Be Excellent™ and we admire and are inspired by their enthusiam and excellence!


We ask them to become a member if they can generally agree with the goals and intentions of this society, and await their response. Usually, they seem too busy or impossible to reach! LOL!


We would be honored to exchange ideas and observations about how we may become even more excellent and help encourage the world to do the same!

Item #5:.............. Excellentway Society™, HONORARY MEMBERSHIP, 1 Year

SKU: 5
  • We may help provide an even more Excellentway™ to encourage you to be more excellent, and thus create a more excellent life, build a more excellent world around you, and keep an excellent attitude!   

    Each Member Receives: 

    • Membership Id Tag, To Acknowledge Membership.
    • 3 Short Books.  
    • Weekly Email Hawk Talks/Conversations For 1 Year.
    • Possible Opportunity To Participate In Reward Program And Deliver An Excellentway™ Commendation Reward.
    • Inspiration, Encouragement, Consultation On One Specific Project Of Choice Until Finished Or End Of Membership Year.
    • Guide Assignments And Considerations May Be Custom Modified For Each Person's Unique Goals. 
    • Goal Is To Make The Member More Aware Of the Idea, Possibililties, And Application And Implementation Of A More Excellentway™ To View The World, Live, and Contribute To Such A World.
    • Honorary Custom Members have an opportunity to share their methods and madness about ways to become more excellent!
    • Reminder Decals
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