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This is an All In One Solution to fight germs and keep a few tools handy! Use from where it is stored, or carry to any problem! Great as a basic cleaning and tool kit for any family or business!






This is a red, extra heavy duty, plastic 5 gallon bucket, with a screw lid on top! It can hold up to 200 center pull paper towels that are dispensed out of the top, and comes with up to 6 plastic bins that can be attached or removed from around the outside of the bucket. It also comes loaded with a small set of quality tools stored and hidden on the inside! It has a total of 18 stainless steel brackets to hold these or other items, cleaning brushes, etc., within the bucket, or, on the outside. You can keep the tools inside the bucket most of the time, and then hang them on the outside as you're working, for easy access!  There is a secret spy ViewPort on the top to check your supply of paper towels without removing the lid, just place the bucket in the sun or use a flashlight to its' side to get some idea!  We also include 4, 32 ounce empty spray bottles for your use!


We use the Packout® system and each bin can hold a standard sized spray bottle, or up to a 3.5" wide round bottle. Of course, the bins can also hold other various items such as bolts, wirenuts, or even your thermos bottle, coffee, water, soda, etc., to help keep you alert and nourished on the job!


This is a steampunk overbuilt and over the top item, unusual and extraordinary in quality and design!  LOL!



1, 12" Window Squeegee

1, Large Cleaning Brush

1, Small Cleaning Brush

1, Phillips Screwdriver Insulated

1, Straight Screwdriver Insulated

1, 14 Multibit, Ratcheting Metal Gear Screwdriver

1, Multibit HexDriver

1, Channel Lock Pliers

1, Needle Nose Pliers With Wire Cutter

1, Adjustable Crescent Wrench



4, 32 Ounce Empty Spray Bottles

1, 200 Count Center Pull Paper Towel Starter Roll

1, Weather Resistant Cap

1, Shoulder Strap

1, Packout® Thermos Bottle Bracket

    (Thermos Bottle, Mounting Hardware Not


    (See Select Option:  Order the bracket installed

    in one of the bins using Stainless Steel Hardware,

    and either a Red 24 Ounce MT Thermos Bottle,


    a Black 24 Ounce MT Thermos Bottle, for an 

    additional fee.)  

1, Gray Restrainer Cap And Stainless Steel Washer

1, Reminder Decal, Excellentway Society™

1, Instruction Manual




One great cleaning and tool response, all in one 5 gallon bucket! LOL!


It is so nice to have everything together in one unit, some basic tools hidden inside, and enough paper towels and some disinfecting, waxing, or glass cleaning sprays with it for any spill or project!


Carry it immediately to a new mess that just happened, or take it to projects where you know you will need it, then store it back safe in a closet, always on hand, ready to help!


Packout® is a registered trademark of the fine Milwaukee Tool company.

We can custom design buckets for your specifc use with different colors, tools, name tags, etc., available! 


You can order the Standard Bucket, or we can use stanless steel bolts to attach your included thermos bottle bracket to one of the bins and include a nice red or black 24 ounce thermos bottle to go with it, for an additional fee!  Great to have a Thermos Bottle kept handy and secure in one of the bins!

See Select Options! 


Be prepared! Be clean and mean (passionate)!™


Keep An Excellentway Ahead!™


- Hawk



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Item #12:.............. HAWK CLEANING / TOOL BUCKET™ #200 Kit ON HOLD!

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Upgraded Version 2.0 Expected By 9/1/2024!
  • If Item in stock, we ship within 24 hours of receipt of your order.  Otherwise as soon as possible.  

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