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This is an All In One Solution to fight germs and keep a few tools handy!  Use from where it is stored, or carry to any problem!


It Is A Heavy Duty 5 Gallon Polyethylene Plastic Bucket With Screw Lid,  Up To 200 Paper Towels, 18 Stainless Steel Brackets, 4, 32 Ounce Spray Bottle Holders,  With 4 Empty, 32 Ounce Spray Bottles, And 10 Tools Stored Inside, Including:

                               1     12" Window Squeegee

                               1     Large Cleaning Brush

                               1     Small Cleaning Brush

                               1     Phillips Screwdriver Insulated

                               1     Straight Screwdriver Insulated

                               1     Multibit Screwdriver

                               1     Multibit HexDriver

                               1     Channel Lock Pliers

                               1     Needle Nose Pliers With Wire Cutter

                               1     Adjustable Crescent Wrench




One great cleaning and tool response, all in one 5 gallon expanded bucket!  LOL!  


It is so nice to have everything together in one unit, some basic tools hidden inside, and enough paper towels and some disinfecting, waxing, or glass cleaning, sprays with it for any spill or project!

Carry it immediately to a new mess that just happened, or use it from there, where it is stored in your basement or a closet. 


Be prepared!  Be clean and mean (passionate)!   Keep An Excellentway(TM) Ahead!  


- Hawk


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20. Hawk Cleaning/Tool Bucket(TM) #200 Kit

  • If Item in stock, we ship within 24 hours of receipt of your order.  Otherwise as soon as possible.  

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