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​​​​​​​Once a month we will charge your account and ship two rolls of Paper Towels for your Hawk Cleaning Station!™  Each roll is a 350 count, center pull, heat sanitized, quality paper towel roll about 10" tall and 10" diameter. Each sheet size is about 10" x 12."


These are some of the best paper towels in the world. They are thick enough to clean most anything, made from cellulose wood and some recycled materials, they decompose easily and completely over time, and contain less chemicals than most towels.


Your Hawk Cleaning Station™ needs to be fed every so often, to keep it the most efficient germ fighting and cleaning system possible! Availability may change due to supply and demand, or production issues. Please call if larger quantities are required, best to keep a few ahead of actual use. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Item #10:............ HawkEasyAutoOrder: 2 Pack 350 Rolls/Month Auto Ship

SKU: 10
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