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Now you can place a Hawk Cleaning Station(TM) in almost any room, on any wall!


We install a Hawk Cleaning Station(TM) within a plastic cabinet that can be inserted into a mounting bracket which can then be attached to almost any wall.  The paper towels are dispensed from the right side of the cabinet from a 200 or 350 count center pull paper towel roll inside. 


Open the front cabinet door by lifting and sliding it back, and reveal just enough room to also hold 3 or 4 spray bottles of your favorite cleaning sprays.  Then install either a 200 or 350 count roll of center pull paper towels to be dispensed out the right side. 


If you need a lot of paper towels, just use the 350 count roll, as shown above, included in the #400 kit.


Otherwise, you can use a 200 count center pull roll for the side towels, and then have enough room to also store an emergency backup roll of standard paper towels, just inside, as shown in second example above.  Standard roll of paper towels, 200 count roll, not included, shown as example only. 


Other Packout (TM) style items can be mounted to the right and behind the paper towel dispenser or even on top of or below the cabinet itself!  We love the Packout(TM) style system by Milwaukee Tool!


The Hawk Cleaning Station(TM) can be removed from the mounting plate and carried to any event or incident, placed temporarily in a car or on a table, etc., for mobile or field use. 


Sign up for the Hawk Easy Order of 200 or 350 count paper towel rolls, and you are all set!


The Hawk #400 Kit includes:


1, Packout(TM) Style Cabinet

1, Large Packout(TM) Style Mounting Bracket

4, 22 Ounce Spray Bottles, Empty

1, Paper Towel Dispenser Installed Right Side Of Cabinet

1, Standard Paper Towel Holder Inside Cabinet

1, 350 Count Center Pull Paper Towel Roll

1, Restrainer Washer

1, Dispenser Cap 

1, Instructions


Wall mounting hardware not included.


Packout(TM) is a trademark of the fine Milwaukee Tool company. 




Great for any basement, garage, work station, or industry!   

Big and beautiful!  A real statement about having a cleaning station right there, ready to use instantly and easily!  Make a dedicated space, claim your commitment to clean, and be healthier and wiser!  LOL!


For picnics or projects further away, simply remove from the mounting plate and take with you! 


Keep An Excellentway(TM) Ahead!


- Hawk 


We also provide a kit to install a dispenser and paper towels in almost any cabinet! 


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12. Hawk Cleaning Station(TM) In Cabinet/Mounting Bracket #400 Kit

  • If Item in stock, we ship within 24 hours of receipt of your order.  Otherwise as soon as possible.  

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