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One (1), large 4" diameter decal!


Help to inspire and encourage yourself, your family, your employees, or almost anyone!


In just a few words, the idea of "excellence" can be promoted and encouraged! A little hope may be generated! Some excellent idea, some excellent work, or an excellent plan or solution may be created!


Just for the idea of trying to be more excellent!


Spread the idea of "Excellence!"


This is a weather resistant decal, which can be placed almost anywhere. Mounted in a weather protected area and out of direct sunlight probably better. Please do not place without permission.




Have An Excellent Day! Tell Everyone!


May be best used when incorporated into a personal or business membership in The Excellentway Society!™


Encourage The Excellent!


See notes from Episode 14, Kindle Vella, Follow Us, The Excellentway Society Story™.



Item #1:.....1 EXWAY DECAL!

SKU: 1
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