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Now you can install a Hawk Cleaning Station(TM) #350 Kit, into almost any standard existing cabinet!


This is a kit to easily transform almost any cabinet into a Hawk Cleaning Station(TM), with lots of paper towels, and some spray bottles!


It Includes A Drill Bit With Instructions For Drilling A Hole Into Up To A 3/4" Bottom Of A New Or Existing Cabinet or Shelf, A Dispenser and Nut To Be Inserted, And A Starter Roll Of 350 Center Pull Paper Towels So That They Can Be Dispensed.  It Also Includes 4, 32 Ounce Spray Bottles (empty).  Fill With Your Choice Of Disinfectants, Polish, Waxing, Or Glass Cleaning Solutions, To Complete Your Hawk Cleaning Station(TM).




If you think you have a modern home without such an item, think again... LOL!  


Every modern home or business, must take care ot itself!  To keep a modern and excellent attitude, to keep an excellent place or area, it must be clean.  No exceptions.  Your health, the health of your family or well being of your employees demands this.  Once you dedicate yourself to the  idea of clean, such disposable paper towels and the associated sprays of disinfecting, waxing, glass cleaning, or other selected agents, are mandatory.  The Hawk Cleaning Station(TM) provides a semi-permanent station in your home or business that enables a modern and instant response to germs and messes, or project requirements.  The best new appliance for any home or business!

Stop fooling around with rolls of paper towels missing in action, the empty holder on your wall or counter that looks ugly and in the way, and find a better and cleaner future! 


This is the most important new appliance of our times!  Help keep yourself, your family, friends, and even co-workers, safer from disease.  Get serious about protecting people from germs! 


"Clean Everything!  Clean All The Time!  Then Enjoy The View(TM)!"


"Keep An Excellentway Ahead!(TM)"


- Hawk


We also provide a wall mountable but removable version, in a plastic cabinet! 


Learn More: See Notes.


10. Hawk Cleaning Station(TM) #350 Kit

  • If Item in stock, we ship within 24 hours of receipt of your order.  Otherwise as soon as possible.  

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