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This is a place to focus your concentration and then to start, work, and archive, your project!


It is a system to store project documents in a tough weather resistant box that can be stacked with others, or mounted on almost any wall.  The documents are best laminated for further wear and protection, then firmly installed on the stainless steel screw posts inside.   

A single 64 Gigabyte USB Flash Drive is mounted inside, with a second empty mounting bracket available, to add another additional flash drive if desired, second flash drive not included.  

The USB Flash Drive itself can be unscrewed and is removable for daily use.

Please call for custom configurations for up to 12 mounting brackets with 12 flash drives. 


The Hawk Project Documentator(TM) promotes a starting point, working method, and a finish point, for a project!  It encourages the collection of data on USB Flsh Drives, and  a printed record on laminated pages, within a tough plastic modified tool box.  Other paperwork, notes, small physical items related to the project, can also be stored within it.  

Print and Digital Records together, forming a documented and considered effort, preserving your progress!  It can be removed from the stack or wall, the contents read and considered, and then returned to its place.  


Use for the day to day consideration and working of your project, archiving progress in laminated pages and on the USB drive, and keeping some small important items with it.   Keep each project in one specific place, archive your work as you go, and manage your ideas and multiple projects with an organized effort. 


Excellent for any Excellentway Project Master(TM) who needs an efficient system to manage, archive, and organize multiple projects! 


Also great for disaster recovery, keeping a physical place for each project in print and digital formats, maintaining the genius of all your efforts so that your work is preserved.  A great way to organize and handle projects, encourage your efforts, and keep an archive history of it!  


Project Your Life!  Be an Excellentway Project Master(TM)!  Have 1000 projects to help make your world, the world closest to you, and even the Earth itself, a more excellent place!  - Hawk


Our price includes a free lamination service for up to 30 days from purchase.  We will laminate up to 30 documents in a back to back layout, up to 15 pages for you.  Additional laminating service available at the rate of $5 per double sided page.  Please call for information. 


We also provide Hawk Project File Formats for your use, included on the flash drive to help keep your thoughts and projects organized, and some small parts or additional items may be stored in the two small removable trays inside.        


We love the Milwaukee Tool Packout(TM) System, and each case can be stacked on top of each other, fastened to a wall with the included mounting plate, or it can even be attached to other plastic crates holding associated items.  Crates not included.  One large mounting plate provided, hardware not included.  Overall size on the wall with a single large mounting plate is about 30" long x 20" wide and 7" deep.  


Improve your organization of projects, archive your best thoughts or procedures, keep a digital and printed copy in one weather resistant, portable, place.  Enjoy the Hawk Project Documentator! (TM)


Packout(TM) is a trademark of the fine Milwaukee Tool company. 




All of life is simply one project after another.  After becoming self aware and possibly even aware of our place in a wider universe, one may attempt to be an Excellentway Project Master(TM)!  This is someone who deliberately has 1000 or more projects that they have started and are actively working on at least once every 30 days.  Keeping orgainized and efficient about it, is required! 


You can use the Hawk Forms included with the 64GB Flash Drive to help organize your project ideas, and when you have completed some stage of the project and are mostly happy with it, you can archive your ideas and thoughts and specifications on laminated pages, mounted on the stainless steel screw posts inside.


As you work on the project you can assemble your thoughts and ideas on flash drives and laminated pages.  Once done, or mostly finished with the project, you have the information protected and archived within a weather resistant, plastic tool box, ready to be attached to others, or mounted to a wall.   


This system provides a difficult to lose tough weather resistant case, a method to keep documents all together in one dedicated place, a means to laminate and retain data, and additional space for some small related items within. 


In an emergency, it is easily removed and transported to a safe place.  Otherwise, an impressive focus point for your project, stacked neatly with others, or mounted prominently on a wall.  


Be more organized and efficient, keep your thoughts and ideas all together, archive your genius before it is lost forever, and provide an Excellentway(TM) to work your projects into some glorious excellent reality!


- Hawk   

26. Hawk Project Documentator(TM)

  • If Item in stock, we ship within 24 hours of receipt of your order.  Otherwise as soon as possible.  

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